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Eyelash Extensions & Makeup Services

In addition to the many body treatments, hand treatments, and foot treatments we provide to help you feel your best, we offer eyelash extensions and makeup services at our Austin, Texas day spa to help you look your best. Our highly trained professionals combine their expertise and skills with their finely honed aesthetic sensibilities to produce exceptional results. For people with busy schedules and too little personal time, these aesthetic services can be invaluable.

To learn more about the eyelash extensions and makeup services, including permanent makeup, available at our Austin, Texas day spa, please contact C and K Nails today.

Eyelash Extensions

This exciting new technique allows us to transform run-of-the-mill lashes into lush, beautiful, killer lashes. We carefully extend each lash individually, applying a synthetic eyelash directly onto each natural lash, one by one. C and K Nails eyelash extensions are weightless, comfortable, long lasting, and completely natural looking. ( Salon policy for individual extensions and other related policies here. Touch-Up price for individual lash extensions is vary depending on how much extensions needed.)

Individual Full Set $125
Trips New Set $25
Cluster Lash Extensions New Set $35
Individual Lash Touch Up 1 Week $25 & Up
Individual Lash Touch Up 2 Weeks $35 & Up
Individual Lash Touch Up 3 Weeks $45 & Up


Eyebrow Tinting $35 & Up
Eyelash Tinting $20 & Up

Makeup Services

At C and K Nails, we can create a fashionable look just for you.

Everyday Makeup $45 and up
Makeup Lesson $45 and up
Wedding / Special Occasion $75 and up

Permanent Makeup

Intradermal pigmentation is a revolutionary new method of making permanent cosmetic enhancements. This state-of-the-art technique, in which pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin, is clinically tested to be safe and effective, and is virtually painless. We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of permanent makeup services to our Austin, Texas clients.

Eyebrows $325
Eyeliner $350
Lip Liner $350
Full Lip with Liner $750 and up
Beauty Mark $75
Camouflage / Tattoo Removal – by consultation only

We offer a special discount if two or more permanent makeup procedures are performed. A deposit is required.